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Transformation Atlas November 13, 2019
Country Reports
Transformation Atlas
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Managing the Crisis
Transformation Thinkers

The Transformation Atlas is an innovative online application providing an interactive visualization of the BTI results. The Transformation Atlas encourages independent research, intuitive browsing and a self-directed composition of 6,656 separate scores within the BTI. Rendering without reducing the complexity of the BTI's comprehensive analysis of development and transition, global maps offer an overview of international trends in democratization and reform. With their unique and signifying design, "country views" illustrate characteristic strengths and weaknesses in political and economic transformation as well as political management in each of the states. "Country views" also combine numerical data analysis with concise and in-depth information from the 128 individual country reports.


Each user is able to set his or her own course of research by selecting topical, regional or comparative foci. Whether the user seeks a broad survey and quick read or a focused perspective for detailed research, the Transformation Atlas facilitates unexpected discoveries that invite individual interpretation.



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