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Network October 15, 2019
Managing the Crisis
Transformation Thinkers
Community of Democracies

The project supports the exchange of experience in an international network of political actors, scholars, experts on external support and actors within civil society.

Community of Democracies

The BTI facilitates the work of the "International Advisory Committee" (IAC), an independent high-level body of government representatives, experts and former heads of state established for the purpose of assessing the quality of democracy in countries belonging or aspiring to belong to the Community of Democracies. In 2006/2007, the IAC initiated reports on the state of democracy and human rights in 46 countries considered deserving of closer scrutiny. It followed up in 2008/2009 with the analysis of the quality of political systems in 34 countries. The BTI team cooperated with Freedom House and the Democracy Coalition Project to supply the IAC with data and information.


The Community of Democracies, a global grouping of democratic and democratizing states, was launched in Warsaw in 2000 as a forum for strengthening international cooperation on democracy and human rights promotion. Its participants have also established a Democracy Caucus at the United Nations for the purpose of coordinating common positions on democracy and human rights at the world body... ┬╗


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