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Transformation Thinkers October 15, 2019
Managing the Crisis
Transformation Thinkers
Alumni Portal

The international exchange of knowledge as well as strategic reflection with experienced agents of transformation is one key to the successful management of change. Networking among young reformers committed to democracy and a market economy supports a worldwide community of democracies.


The six-day Transformation Thinkers program is targeted at the rising generation of young leaders from developing and transition countries. It is conceived as a forum for strategic reflection and the international exchange of experience. These meetings serve to enhance the strategic orientation and problem-solving capacities of young experts likely to take on positions of leadership in their country. Knowledge and skills are conveyed by both experienced practitioners and leading scholars engaged in comprehensive political and economic reform.

Transformation Thinkers offers:

  • A forum, unique among comparable programs, for joint reflection on strategies to solve key problems associated with the transition to democracy and a market-economy
  • An opportunity for exchange with experienced agents of change and experts on external support from the Bertelsmann Stiftung's international network 
  • Exchange with other young leaders from developing and transition countries

The sixthTransformation Thinker's conference took place in November 2010. In cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, young leaders from developing and transition countries were invited to Steinhövel near Berlin to engage in strategic reflection and the exchange of international experience. Committed agents of reform from all around the world came to share their experiences with transformation.


In June 2009, a reunion of over 50 alumni of the Transformation Thinkers conferences took place near Berlin. The participants agreed to get engaged in a permanent exchange on practices of good governance and strategies of successful reforms by forming a community of practice. The ever-growing network of young democrats and reformers in leading positions offers a unique chance for a process-oriented and practical exchange and peer-consultation. In September 2011, a second reunion will take place in Potsdam to discuss the transferability of transformation experiences and to reflect on possibilities to communicate and cooperate in interregional learning processes.




Transformation Thinkers

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